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Why Do People Create Personal Websites?

There are tons of reasons someone would want to create a personal website of their own.

One of the most popular reasons to write a personal website is simply to write about oneself. People like to talk about themselves, they also like to write about themselves and tell other people who they are.​

Another popular reason people write personal websites is to show off their family. They may include lots and lots of photos of their kids all over the site. Sometimes they create a separate page for each of their family members.

Online diaries have been popular ever since the beginning of the Web. This is where people create a website just so they can write about themselves in a more personal way than a standard personal website. They may post entries each day, weekly or monthly about what's going on in their lives. Then they let other people comment on their entries.

There are also wedding sites, memorial sites, sites about people's pets, and websites about people's interests and hobbies. Maybe you really like the show "Survivor", you could create a website about it and tell people why you like it. Maybe you like the Mets, you could keep a website that keeps track of their games and their standings.

A personal website is a place where you can relieve your soul. Create web pages about anything you like and get it all out there for everyone to see.

If you're a private person, you can still do create a personal website. Just make sure not to post your name or any other personal information that may let people know who you are.

Read in Hindi

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